Since 2004 the OFAH Ontario Angler Awards program has awarded over 60,000 certificates and decals to anglers from around the world. Unfortunately the cost of postage and materials has risen tremendously since that time forcing a change in the program to a digital format starting next season.

Effective January 1, 2018 we will no longer be issuing certificates and decals to anglers and will be moving to a digital certificate that anglers will have the option to download and print at their leisure. The functionality of the site will remain the same and digital certificates will be available after an entry is validated.

Annual Avid Angler award certificate and pins will still be awarded to anglers that are able to meet this criteria.

We realize that this will be a disappointment to some anglers and for this we apologize but in order to allow the program to continue we need to move to cut costs and move to a digital format.

We appreciate your support since the program began and hope we will continue to have support for years to come.