How the Program Works


Catch a Fish in Ontario

Catch one of the accepted species, in season (as per the Ontario Fishing Regulations), in a waterbody in Ontario and take its measurement. If the fish is equal to or above the minimum qualifying length it can be entered into the program.

Accepted Species

SpeciesQualifying LengthPhoto Length
Black Crappie 10.00" 14.00"
Bluegill 9.00" 12.00"
Brook/Speckled Trout 18.00" 25.00"
Brown Trout 21.00" 28.00"
Carp 30.00" 36.00"
Chinook Salmon 36.00" 42.00"
Coho Salmon 30.00" 38.00"
Lake Trout 26.00" 36.00"
Largemouth Bass 18.00" 22.00"
Muskie 36.00" 44.00"
Northern Pike 30.00" 40.00"
Pumpkinseed 9.00" 12.00"
Rainbow Trout 21.00" 30.00"
Rock Bass 10.00" 13.00"
Smallmouth Bass 17.00" 21.00"
Splake 20.00" 28.00"
Walleye 25.00" 32.00"
Whitefish 22.00" 26.00"
Yellow Perch 12.00" 14.00"
(Note: A photo is optional for all entries that measure smaller than the “photo length”. For entries that are equal to or above the photo length we require a photo.)

Enter your Catch Online

Once you have caught a qualifying fish you will require an online account to enter the program (one account per email address). Simply register for your free Ontario Angler Awards account and access your account to enter your catch.

All new entries will require validation from our team and will appear as “pending” until validation is complete. Once your entry is validated it will appear online and you will be able to download a personalized certificate recognizing your achievment.

If you catch more fish simply log in to your account each time you want to enter your catch.

Program Awards

Each qualifying angler will be eligible to download a personalized certificate recognizing their achievement.